We are grateful for the support so many in the community have given to Susan’s campaign, including the following organizations and individuals:

“Susan will bring intelligence, ethics, reasonability, and hard work to the Legislature. I am proud to be the first to endorse her candidacy in this page!”

Daniel E. Hall, Professor, Justice and Community Studies & Political Science and Affiliate, Global and Intercultural Studies at Miami University Regional Campuses

“Susan is an excellent candidate–intelligent, articulate, and superbly qualified for the Ohio legislature! It’s a pleasure to support her!” 

Donald A. Daiker

“Susan is a professional educator who holds a graduate degree and has overseen student judicial conduct at Miami University for decades; who has navigated university politics; managed influence from multiple constituencies – including the student body, their parents/families, the media, and University administration; responded to changes in law and government with respect to the Miami…

Elizabeth Stoll Turton, Director of Orientation and Transition Programs, Miami University