“Susan is a professional educator who holds a graduate degree and has overseen student judicial conduct at Miami University for decades; who has navigated university politics; managed influence from multiple constituencies – including the student body, their parents/families, the media, and University administration; responded to changes in law and government with respect to the Miami Student Code of Conduct; who been a critical leader and member of the university community; who always operates with utmost professionalism; and who has earned the respect of her colleagues both on campus and around the region.”

Elizabeth Stoll Turton, Director of Orientation and Transition Programs, Miami University

“Susan is an excellent candidate–intelligent, articulate, and superbly qualified for the Ohio legislature! It’s a pleasure to support her!” 

Donald A. Daiker

“Susan will bring intelligence, ethics, reasonability, and hard work to the Legislature. I am proud to be the first to endorse her candidacy in this page!”

Daniel E. Hall, Professor, Justice and Community Studies & Political Science and Affiliate, Global and Intercultural Studies at Miami University Regional Campuses